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Is Stem Cell Therapy approved by the FDA?

It is important to note that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has NOT approved the use of adult stem cells for any disorder. There are many clinical trials currently that are providing more support of these treatments. is a great resource to see current and past clinical trials. The Utah cord bank has been overseen by the FDA and are in good standing with compliance. The practitioner has access to research that may not be available to the public, so please reach out for any questions and we would be happy to supply you with research supporting our services.

Are Stem Cell and PRP therapies covered by health insurance?

Unfortunately, regenerative medicine at this time is not covered by insurance. We are working diligently with insurance companies if this changes to alert us if any of these therapies are covered. The consult for therapy can be billed to insurances. The patient is more than welcome to contact insurance company and relay any new information received on coverage for such therapies to Revive of Colorado and we will be more than happy.

What to expect before and after therapy is received?

A consultation with the practitioner will be conducted to ensure you are a strong candidate for any regenerative medicine treatments. This will include a physical exam and review of imaging if needed. If the patient is a candidate, cost of procedure that is recommended will be discussed with payment options. Pre-procedure and post-procedure protocol will be discussed and if the candidate meets pre-procedure requirements are met then the procedure can occur the day of consult.  If not, the procedure date and time will be scheduled for a future date Depending on recommended therapy, a one week follow up call will occur with practitioner, then a 3-4 month follow up in house appointment and 9 month follow up appointment will be made. The practitioner may also prescribe physical therapy and other resources to begin at 2 weeks after treatment.

What is the difference between PRP, Stem cells, and BMAC?

Platelet rich plasma is obtained by drawing a patient’s blood just like a blood draw for labs. Once the blood is obtained, it is inserted into an FDA approved kit and placed into a centrifuge. By spinning the blood at different intervals, the plasma separates from the red blood cells and a high concentration of platelets are collected for use in affected area.

Stem cell product is an outside source of stem cells produced by the Utah Cord Bank and delivered to our clinic. This product includes umbilical cord tissue, umbilical cord blood, and placental tissue received from healthy mothers and healthy babies.

Which treatment is best for me?

The practitioner will conduct a consult and physically exam the patient. Once imaging and assessment has been reviewed, the best treatment options will be presented.

How much does it cost?

Recommended procedures per your individual needs will first be established. Therapies start at $750.00. Revive of Colorado has 0% financing available through our website. You can be pre-approved before your scheduled appointment.

What is the success rate?

We are a new practice however, our practitioner has worked at many facilities in the area in which success rates are as high as 94% depending on the disease process treated and compliance of post procedure recommendations.

What can a nurse practitioner do?

Colorado allows Nurse Practitioners the ability to diagnose, treat and prescribe independently. Nurse practitioners must complete a nationally accredited nurse practitioner program as well as pass the national nurse practitioner certification exam. Nurse Practitioners are free to diagnose and treat patients as well as give advance directives for end-of-life care. As of 2010, are not required to collaborate with or work under physician supervision and also have full prescriptive authority when prescribing medications.