Why do you charge so much less than other clinics for Stem Cell Therapy?


We often get asked why our prices are so much lower, and it’s not unusual for us to hear “do you know what the other place was going to charge me?” Our Nurse Practitioner Raquel Wolf has worked in several successful Regenerative Medicine clinics, but one of the most disappointing things for her was the astronomical prices they would charge customers for stem cell therapy which ultimately would limit patients from receiving care. Regenerative Medicine has the potential to help so many people, but most patients cannot afford treatments in the range of $7000 to $20,000. For many patients, stem cell therapy may be the last chance to try and help with their injury or illness. The reason why Raquel started Revive of Colorado was to make regenerative medicine more affordable and accessible to patients. This is why for most major stem cell injections and infusions we only charge $3,300. We promise that there is no sacrifice in quality of the stem cells and growth factors you receive, and the cost savings you receive only comes from Revive making less money so that we can benefit more patients.

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