What is Boutique Medicine?

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Crowded waiting rooms and long wait times have become the normal experience when visiting health care providers. Many medical professionals are switching to boutique or concierge clinics so that they can start focusing on patients and provide a better experience. 

At Revive of Colorado, we want to focus on our patients by providing more time to discuss their health and outline a care plan. Our patients continuously comment on the time allotted for them. We purposely schedule our patients so that you have the ability to ask questions and fully understand your health.

Is boutique medicine right for you?

  • Are you tired of long waits in the waiting room?
  • Do you get frustrated with spending only a few minutes with your care provider?
  • We are typically a cash pay service, we will help you apply to your health insurance company for reimbursement for several of our services.
  • We do provide 6 month interest free financing for our services.


Kevin Wolf