Ethics in Regenerative Medicine

Recently in the news, there has been several stories regarding stem cell “clinics” that use high pressure sales tactics and promises of healthcare miracles. Many of these claims and sales tactics come from non-medical professionals and chiropractors. Regenerative Medicine, along with other specialties, is still a new science and advances are being made every day which makes the field a very exciting and promising area of medicine, but you should be cautious when made promises or given “this day only deals”. These tactics are meant to pressure a patient who has been struggling with an injury or illness into spending large sums of money. Revive of Colorado PLLC would like to remind our patients and our community that you should seek information and diagnosis regarding regenerative medicine only from licensed medical professionals (DO, MD, NP, and PA).  At Revive of Colorado PLLC, our licensed medical professionals work with you to use regenerative medicine as a last resort for injuries and illness, or to augment other treatments. Revive of Colorado PLLC is a medical clinic owned by a medical provider that can diagnose, prescribe, and treat the patient not only with regenerative medicine but also with other services we provide. Our provider has taken an oath and joined the Orthobiologic Ethics Consortium to further the ethical practice of regenerative medicine. This is to ensure the ethical treatment and education of patients. If you have any questions regarding the ethical use of regenerative medicine please give us a call at (719) 396-3003.

Kevin Wolf